My favourites – 1986

In a list of my favourite albums of the last 30 years Queen really can't be missing. In 1986 they had already released numerous albums and were one of the most celebrated bands of their time. That year they released A Kind Of Magic, which featured … [Read more]

My favourites – 1985

Not all of the music I like was made after 1983. A lot of it was made way before then. Therefore I'll sometimes allow myself to cheat a bit, by listing 'best of' albums, that were released in the year I'm discussing. Creedence Clearwater … [Read more]

My favourites – 1984

After a very easy choice for my favorite in 1983, the album for 1984 is pretty much a no-brainer as well. In preparation for writing these blogposts, I've gone through a list of albums and artists in my mind, and one of the first artists that came up … [Read more]

My favourites – 1983

On this blog I write about a lot of different topics that interest me. From digital marketing to philosophy and from science┬áto sustainability. One of the main topics I write about is music though. It has always played a big role in my life and I've … [Read more]