My favorites – 1985

Not all of the music I like was made after 1983. A lot of it was made way before then. Therefore I'll sometimes allow myself to cheat a bit, by listing 'best of' albums, that were released in the year I'm discussing. Creedence Clearwater … [Read more]

My favorites – 1984

After a very easy choice for my favorite in 1983, the album for 1984 is pretty much a no-brainer as well. In preparation for writing these blogposts, I've gone through a list of albums and artists in my mind, and one of the first artists that came up … [Read more]

My favorites – 1983

On this blog I write about a lot of different topics that interest me. From digital marketing to philosophy and from science to sustainability. One of the main topics I write about is music though. It has always played a big role in my life and I've … [Read more]

15 months in Sydney

It's been a while since I last posted here. I guess I've just been too busy barbecuing, going to the beach and the pubs here in Sydney. ;-) Although most of you will know what I've been up to (as I regularly post on FB), I still feel it's about time … [Read more]